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There’s something so foreign about family… like an ill-fitting suit. I never connected to the concept. 

i used bunk beds for lie the first 14 years of my life so i find it hilarious that im going to be on a bunk bed at the start of college 


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best fashion choices: Abigail, Bedelia, Alana or Freddie


Claude Monet , Glycines ,100 x 300 cm ( 1917 - 1920 ) oil on canvas


Claude Monet , Glycines ,100 x 300 cm ( 1917 - 1920 ) oil on canvas

45/∞ marvel cast 


B E L L A 

thanks to fefefeferniss 


I am awake but at what price

favourite celebrity meme: [3/4] appearances

- vanity fair oscar party 2014

Gif Meme - pixelstainedtechnopeasant asked: Jaime Lannister + Body Parts

fun fact about me: after living my entire life in this state i finally learned how to spell massachusetts correctly last year

Jack Crawford heard the rhythm and syntax of his own speech in Graham’s voice. He had heard Graham do that before, with other people. Often in intense conversation Graham took on the other person’s speech patterns. At first, Crawford had thought he was doing it deliberately, that it was a gimmick to get the back-and-forth rhythm going.
Later Crawford realized that Graham did it involuntarily, that sometimes he tried to stop and couldn’t.