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some characters are just so important that the thought that they’ll eventually die tears you apart inside 

So killing somebody, even if you have to do it, it feels that bad?

It’s the ugliest thing in the world.


"do you know that scene in game of thrones when-" yes


do i believe in love at first sight? absolutely. do you know how many anime characters ruined my life in their first 3 minutes of screentime

pastel dad

edward norton = love

hannibal + drugs

Title: Don't Stop Me Now
Artist: Queen
Played: 68941 times

hannibal lecter meme 7/8 other outfits
sweaters (◡‿◡✿)

This is my Legacy

Michael Pitt photographed by the Toronto Sun while promoting I Origins

children are annoying 

hannibal + patterns

hannibal + patterns